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Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am biting the bullet with some hesitation...

Some of you may be wondering why I was holding back in giving all the details. Well, as anyone who has suffered from the heartache and disappointment of infertility knows you don't want to expose yourself too much. We have have suffered such disappointment over the last few years that part of me really didn't want to put myself out there for fear that I would have to share another failure in our long journey to have a family.

But, with love and support from my amazing husband, family and friends I have decided that it is all or nothing and I MUST remain positive to truly have a positive outcome. So, although I fear the exposure I am going to bite the bullet and give it all to you. Good or Bad, here it is.

Say lots of prayers and stay positive with us and I know in my heart we will have our little angel(s) soon enough.