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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 months and counting...

Just a few photos of our little man.

 Mom's Prince

All this fun tuckers a guy out

 Watching TV with Daddy

 Fun with Dad

 I am not a fan of socks

 More fun = tired boy

 Fun with Papa

 I am such a little squirmer 


 Visiting Daddy at his Fire Station


A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Gerry on his promotion to Engineer.  Only 2 out of the 15 Firefighters that applied were chosen after months of testing. 
We are so very proud of you.

Blaze is truly growing leaps and bounds daily.  He officially starts his Parent and Tot swim classes tomorrow night.  We are probably more excited then he is!  That goes for just about everything we are doing with him right now...

I think we may see some teeth very soon as he is slightly Mr.Cranky Pants lately and chews and bites down on just about everything, not to mention the endless drooling.  Poor little fella.

So many changes are happening almost daily...

Blaze's hair is growing and really filling in now.

He can now touch the ground flat footed in his jumperoo.

Aunt Tracy will be happy to know that he has officially graduated from his 'straight jacket' (aka swaddler).  He had been getting out of it and so we figured we would let him go free.  Thankfully he is STILL sleeping through the night even without it.

He is eating great!  He is into Stage 2 Gerbers and really enjoys Earth's Best brand the most.  He is a huge fan of the apple-blueberries and most all other fruits.  So far no real dislikes and will even eat the chicken as long as it is in with sweet potatoes, corn or another veggie.

I recently ordered some baby sign language DVD's online and have started playing them for him.  I am learning so many signs and hoping he will learn too when he is able to.  Gerry remembers a lot of the signs from his childhood as well.  His Uncle who lived across the street was deaf and they communicated with sign language.

Blaze loves to be upside down and would probably stay like that for hours if we didn't turn him right side up.  He watches TV upside down, he likes to be carried around upside down and he plays and kicks him self right side up when lying on our laps.  He is way too funny.

Lastly, a big shout out to our fellow blogger friends Neils and Alexander on the birth of their twins and also to the many SI clients who have had babies born (Stan and his wife, Todd and Alper) and those who have just received the great news of positive pregnancies or are about to begin their journey of cycling or soon to be picking up their little ones.  Things are very, very busy in Mumbai right now and we couldn't be happier for everyone.  It feels like yesterday that we were there in all of their shoes...with anticipation, nervousness, excitement, stress, exhaustion, and pure bliss!