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Monday, July 7, 2008

I have the most AMAZING husband!

Gerry was home for a short but sweet visit. We JUST spent time together, nothing fancy or unique or planned just TOGETHER.

We visited one of our local Indian Tandoori Restaurants with our friends Mel and Brijesh. Gerry was so proud of himself when he ordered from the menu for everyone. We called and spoke with the Docs and it all seemed so exciting to think of our upcoming trip back to India.

A long standing joke between us is that Gerry being the 'I work with my hands man' he is, doesn't wear his wedding ring very often. So, I tend to tease him and give him a hard time every now and then. For years he has told me he was going to tattoo his ring finger. When he arrived home he surprised me with the most thoughtful, loving thing he has ever done. I thought he would always just get a simple band to signify our marriage but, instead he did so much more. He had a Celtic Love Knot which symbolizes never-ending love. It represents infinity and everlasting love. There is no end and no beginning, only true love, binding together two souls. I was beyond touched with his love and compassion. Once again after almost 10 years together, I realized that I fall more in love with Gerry every single day.

By far a fabulous weekend with the man I love!