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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guess Who's 2 ???

Yep, can you believe it the Twins turned two July 18th.  I am still in major denial that my itty bitty preemie babes are growing up.

2 years gone by

So tiny
2 years old
 Blaze is about to turn 4 in just one week and started Pre-K in a little more then a week ago....BUT I don't even want to go there!  Daddy picked the babies birthday to enroll big brother in school and Mommy was in a serious state of depression for a few days following!  I just want to stop time, but the universe isn't so cooperative.  I have told Blaze since he was old enough to understand that he 'will always be Mommy's baby.'  So it melts my heart when I remind him almost daily, "to stop getting bigger," that his invariable response is, "But Mommy don't worry, I'm still always your baby!" He even tries to use it to get out of trouble, "But Mommy I'm just your baby."  He amazes us every day with his wit and intelligence.  Someone told him the other day, that he was probably going to teach his teacher, he's so smart.  He is SO excited about this new milestone!  Mostly so he can, (in his own words) 'play with hot wheels, and make some new friends.'   I did however compromise with Daddy as he hasn't had the socialization of a classroom atmosphere, being cared for a home with his most favorite Nanny since he was 2 months old.  So, it's only 3 hours, 3 days a week. Come now did you really think I was going to let my first born get away that easily? Baby steps for me.  I figured it wouldn't be fair to throw him to the Kindergarten wolves next year without a little easing into it.  Who am I kidding...I'd go off the deep end if I sent him off to school every day, so,it's Mommy that needs the easing into it.  :). As we anticipated he is doing great and fits right in.  He's such a sweet kid and makes friends easily.  He loves his teacher and tells us all about, 'what he played,' and 'what he learned.' He sings us his songs and comes home with a huge smile and sneakers full of sand from their very own separate Kindergarten playground.

Feels just like yesterday...our 1st born
My baby is growing up
Such a big boy


 So moving on to my littlest 2. And yes, I do mean 'little' literally. We are saving a bundle on clothes that's forsure!  Believe it or not just a few weeks back I grabbed a 6-9 mth skirt to put on Dylan, only to have it promptly fall to her knees.  Grabbing the next one in the pile that seemed to match I put it on and it fit perfect.  Only to then look at the tag that seriously said, NB (new born).  Yes, my little girl is still so tiny.  Everything about her is small except her lungs.  Everyone knows when the Wile family enters The Disney Store as Dylan squeals with delight running from Minnie, to Princess's ("cess cess" as she likes to say) to Jake the pirate.  She knows them all and makes sure everyone else does too.
Daddy's little Rocker Chick.
Do you mind if I take this call?
The Birthday Princess
Yeh! For me???

No that's not a wig! 
Her other half is the complete opposite, taking it all in with his big eyes and low pitched, "Oooohhhh's".  It so amazing that twins can have such completely opposite personalities.  In fact,three siblings  can be SO different.  They are all unique in there own special way.  Dylan the excitable, little chatter box, that is, until a stranger approaches. Blaze, our charming Mr. Social Butterfly who makes most adults think he's much more mature then his 3 ("almost 4 on August 26th") years of age.  And last but certainly not least, Jett, who remains our sensitive, shy, loving boy with a smile that could melt the hardest of hearts.

Love my sweet boy
Howdy Partner
I LOVE the camera!

Little Stinker!

They all keep us on our toes.  One child is nothing when you add twins to the mix. I swear Blaze was a total poster child for having babies. Perfect in every way it seemed.  Don't get me wrong all 3 of my kiddo's are absolutely perfect (insert biased Mommy smirk). But two 2 year old's is a handful and then some.  They love to climb and get into just about everything they shouldn't.  I can't turn my back for a second to find them both standing on the kitchen table.  Darn they're fast, or maybe I'm just getting slow in my old age.  They certainly keep us young and on our toes.  We have to catch ourselves from mumbling, "Geee Blaze never did that!"  They even surprise him sometimes with their antics.  To which he will reply with a chuckle, "Oh they are so ridiculous!"  The 'terrible two's came on like a storm, starting just shy of their 2nd birthday!  Tantrums, stubbornness and the occasional swat and hair pull are all double the pleasure and of course big brother likes to not always feel left out and joins the party, just to put Mommy over the edge.  :)

Caught in the act!

Tell me again why we have 2 toddler beds?
Visiting Daddy at Work.

Other then me being in denial that my kiddos are all growing up and keeping us VERY busy we have had a pretty busy year thus far...I have/had a horribly painful and somewhat debilitating impinging herniated lumbar disc for about 2 months (not fun with 3 toddlers AND  12 hour RN shifts ). Gerry continues to be busy between work at the Fire Dept. and military reserve duties.  Blaze is counting the sleeps till Papa and Grandma come for the winter. We spent most of our savings on a new AC unit (thank you hot, hot, hot Arizona!)  A June outdoor family photo shoot in 105 degree heat Neyla (the furkid) and all.

 A very unexpected and deeply emotional trip home to Canada for me, to attend my beautiful sister-in-law's funeral who very suddenly passed away with an extremely aggressive form of cancer.

Cheryl Reycraft

Forever in our hearts.
Gerry's 5th Grand-baby and my step-grand baby  being born (finally a girl for Nick and Jessica).  A summer family vacation is planned to Disneyland (California) and Sea World (San Diego) for Blaze's birthday. Unfortunately we will be just 2 days short of attending our dear friends, Jon and Christy's Salute to Surrogacy Celebration in San Diego. They have done such an amazing job in putting together whats sure to be a grand celebration of all things surrogacy. We even got the privilege of a guest spot article in their magazine (to be given out at the conference).  The Baby Chase is still set for its November publication (and you can reserve your copy now on Amazon) Both of our amazing SI Docs (aka GodMama & GodPapa) have confirmed they will be finally coming to Arizona to visit in November after 5 and 1/2 years of coaxing. Its sure to be a jam packed November of vacationing with dear friends and possible media spots for the book in maybe Washington, New York or California.  We truly feel honored to be a part of all of this excitement!  Who would have thought our journey of a lifetime would become a novel?  We still love to take time to help other couples, whether it be via phone or email  interested in pursuing Surrogacy in India. Yep, things remain pretty status quo in our little blessed household.  ;)