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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun...

So much happens on a daily basis its hard to wrap our heads around it all. We have a whole weeks worth of catching up to do. So we better get started...

Blaze continues to amaze us on a daily basis. There is very little he doesn't like. At the top of that list would be injections and then a close, second might be gas. He is such a wonderful child, and we tell ourselves everyday, we hope that he continues with such a good temperament like this and just how very lucky we are to have such a 'great' baby.

Last Sunday was his first day out on the town. Just one day after his discharge from the hospital. We headed from the hotel back to Hiranandani (where Blaze got his final injection of antibiotic) and then to Lilavati hospital to pick up Dr. Yash who was finishing up for the day after an embryo transfer.

"Not another injection?!"

Once we arrived, we headed straight up to the second floor to surprise Dr. Pai (the doctor who did Blaze's embryo transfer). He was so happy to see us and couldn't believe his eyes. We told him we had a small gift of appreciation for him that we brought from the U.S and he looked at Blaze and said, 'This is gift enough.'

The five of us headed out for lunch in South Mumbai, Blaze in his Eddie Bauer sling was a huge hit. It appears he's a hit wherever we go. No one it seems is used to seeing a baby that young out and about on the streets. As usual Blaze didn't make a peep through the entire lunch.

With it being a joyous time of celebration, we had again been invited to a Ganpati celebration. This time to Amit's (SI lawyer). During the celebrations, we learned while the Ganpati is at home the family leaves their door open for anyone to come in and visit. It usually means a steady stream of traffic, which we quickly learned after visiting Dr. Soni's and now Amit's home. No one is a stranger, all are welcome. It was so nice to see all the beautiful Ganpati's and how happy and welcoming people are to have so many people parade through their homes. Prior to leaving, Amit's father gives us a coin with a Ganesha on it to commemorate the day with Blaze.

Blaze loves the car. He sleeps through the entire ride usually, which is still amazing to us since the roads in Mumbai, especially this time of year during the monsoons are not too kind to vehicles with potholes and loads of bumps. He just bounces along and doesn't skip a beat. Daddy holds on tight to him and all of the SI drivers are extra careful.

His first day out on the town was a long one and Mommy and Daddy were tuckered out, but Blaze was again a trooper and just enjoyed the whole day.

Monday we spent just relaxing at the hotel, catching up on emails and blog postings and just enjoying time with our son. We headed down for breakfast and (we learned a new trick from Dr. Yash the day before) since we don't have a carrier for Blaze like we would in the US, Daddy lies him on his lap and that way he has both hands to eat.

Not that our meals are ever without interruption from staff and strangers wanting to see, hold and ask questions about Blaze. Our many friends at the VITS hotel visit all 3 of us every morning to see how Blaze is doing.

This particular morning as we were finishing up, one of the waiters brought over a piece of cake with a candle and all the staff stood around and they clapped and played a 'Congratulations song'. It was so nice. Just one of the many reasons why we love staying at the VITS.

While we sat at breakfast that morning the music played overhead and much to our surprise 'our song' (From this Moment by Shania Twain) came on. It seemed so fitting for the moment and both Gerry and I had tears in our eyes as we looked down at our precious Angel in our arms.

Blaze changes so much each day. His hair is growing longer and his nails need to be filed almost every other day. He is getting SO strong. He pushes with his little legs against our chests, he lifts his head right off Gerry's shoulder when he is burping and already is turning side to side on his own. His eyes and ears seem to be great too. He follows the lights and sounds of his Baby Einstein toy curiously as it plays and lights up.

He makes us laugh all the time. When we unwrap him from his snugly to feed him, he grunts and stretches like an old man waking up in the morning. He makes SO many funny faces. He is quite the character.

I have officially nicknamed Blaze, 'Mommy's little monkey.' His legs and arms are long and his fingers and toes are long too. He is just SO darn cute...I can't get enough of him.

He is now on a 2 to 4 hour feeding schedule. Usually falling somewhere around the 3 hour mark and is eating up to 90 mls. Gripe Water has been a BIG help for his frequent hiccups and gas problems. But once he burps and gets it all out of his system from one end or the other, he sleeps right through till his next feeding.

Everyone comments how much he looks like Gerry. They look at Blaze and then at Gerry and say, 'same.'

Going out with Blaze is like being with a star. I thought our white skin and my blond highlights got a lot of stares, but there is no comparison. People everywhere stop in their tracks to stare at the little bundle we carry about. They always want to know how old he is and there eyes get really wide when we tell them he is only just a few days old.

He has now been to many restaurants and cafes, shopping for souvenirs, the photo shop, grocery store and I am sure I am missing a few other places too. He will certainly be a well traveled baby, and not a stranger for future baby sitters I am sure.

We had some last minute forms and our birth certificate to pick up, (The same 'rude' nurse from Hiranandani NICU, helped me to fill out the big book for the birth certificate, only to find out that there were SO many missed areas and mistakes, the SI Docs had to jump through hoops to get it all straightened out...a mere coincidence...I wonder?!) so Blaze made his first visit to the SI clinic on Wednesday. All the SI staff were so excited to see him. He got passed around for feedings and pictures and we barely saw him the whole day.

Jaya and Blaze

Ravi and Blaze

Auntie, Gopa and Blaze
Dr. Sudhir's home is just a stones throw away and so we went for a short visit there as well. We had met his family our last visit to Mumbai and it only seemed fitting now, to come back with the newest addition to our family. Dr. Sudhir's Mom didn't stop smiling the whole time. She held Blaze and rocked him and talked to him the entire time beaming with delight.

Much to our surprise as we were leaving, they presented us with a gold chain as a gift to Blaze. We were both so touched at their thoughtfulness.

KT who had been resting at home since her discharge from the hospital, met up with us at the SI clinic with her family so we could say our final good-byes and give them the small gifts we had brought from the US. We had really taken the time our last visit to try and get to know the entire family so we could get stuff that each of them might like. KT looked beautiful in her dark red and gold sari. She said she felt good and was happy to be home with her family. Her boys just smiled with joy at all the little Power Ranger and Marvel Hero toys, hats, t-shirts and candy. They all got a good laugh over the Power Ranger under pants.

We got J a few shirts with USA stuff on them and for KT, we bought some make-up sets for her and her sisters, a purse, some earrings and of course her leopard print throw that she asked us if we could find for her. Such small, insignificant gifts compared to the gift she has given us. It was a bitter sweet good-bye. KT kept giving us both hugs and smiling and saying, 'bye.' She grabbed my hand and didn't want to let go. We again told her that she had made all our dreams come true and we could never thank her enough for all she has done.

Thursday was a BIG day all around. We had our very important trip to the US Consulate. That will be a separate post in itself coming up in the very near future, and I am letting Gerry give all of the details on that one. But overall, everything went very smoothly, less than an hour and 15 minutes in and out. So as of Thursday, Sept. 3rd, 2009, Blaze is our newest little US citizen.

Another big event that same day...Blaze's umbilical cord fell off!

So, he officially had his first bath in the big tub. We had put an inflatable bath cushion on our Baby Registry since we thought it may come in handy here and we got it as one of our shower gifts. It works great, thank you Kim! A huge space saver for traveling and nice and soft for Blaze's baths here in India.

He loves baths so far, but is not so keen about getting out in the cool air. So we tag team to get him wrapped up quick in his cute little hooded towels. Daddy is SO happy he loves the water as he can't wait till we get him home so we can take him in his big pool out back.

Then later that same evening Grandma and Papa got to see him on Skype for the very first time. My Mom was just SO excited and says he is even cuter then all the photos we have been sending her. Papa is worried that she isn't going to be able to hold out to see her newest Grandchild till the end of October when their flights are booked to return to Arizona for the winter.

Yesterday we headed back to Hiranandani to meet with the Pediatric Surgeon (or as Gerry refers to him, The Penis Cutter) who will perform Blaze's circumcision. Prior to his consultation we went for a quick check up with one of the on-staff Pediatrician, Dr. Bijal Shrivastava who we had met on one of our previous trips to Mumbai.

She weighed him and did a quick once over. He is up from his birth weight to 6.1 lbs and is 19.3 inches long . We were very happy and not at all surprised with that.

We also popped in to see Dr. Soni and she was happy to see Blaze and surprised at what a good natured baby Blaze is.

Dr. Nanavati, the Surgeon went over all the details with us and promises us that Blaze won't be in any pain afterwords (Mommy will be in more then him) and that it will heal quickly. My Mom gave me some reassurance as well with having 2 boys herself. After I watched a 40 year old man have it done in my nursing training years back, I knew if I had a little boy, I would have it done as soon as possible when he wouldn't remember. It is definitely something we had decided on well before (if Blaze was a Blaze that is) the birth, but that doesn't make it any easier. So the big day for that is next Tuesday. He has to be readmitted to Hiranandani and the Doctor says we should only be there for a few hours. I won't let them keep him longer than that this time, that's for sure.

We hope he is mostly healed for his first plane flight and trip (a dry run for his big flight back to the US). We are heading to Goa for a little getaway, a 4 day/3 night trip to a beautiful resort on the beach, to relax and finally take in some of Goa (something we have wanted to do since our first trip to India).

Blaze is our little miracle baby (or like the onesie says, our 'Miracle of Modern Science') and we love him more and more every day. It is so true, what people say, that once that baby is placed in your arms you will feel no other love like you have felt possible.

Our little miracle

Staring up at Mommy

A meeting of the minds