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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Mother's Daughter.

...well I was for one weekend anyway. June Cleaver, AKA my Mother, as she is sometimes referred to as, is the biggest clean freak I know. Gerry often jokes that those genes didn't rub off on me. She is truly a domestic Goddess in every sense. Me on the other hand...well, my favorite saying is, 'Why did God create restaurants if he wanted us to cook?' Seriously though, I love a home cooked meal and a clean home, and I can do both, BUT, I don't enjoy either (Sorry Honey). Mom on the other hand, sings her way through a day of spring cleaning and enjoys every minute of it. Gerry and I cleaned like we were expecting the Queen of England, or even better our new little bundle of joy very soon. Walls were washed down, carpets steam cleaned, every room dusted and organized, and each and every single bit of dog hair was vacuumed up. WHEW!! was a long and very busy weekend, but we accomplished a ton.

We are expecting a full house this coming weekend for our baby celebration with over 60 friends already RSVP'd, and I'm sure a few more will show up. The more the merrier!!! So as you can imagine, we have been busy shopping and preparing for that as well. It should be a lot of fun, getting everyone together to enjoy looking at all of the pictures from our trips to India, some Indian dishes (yes, from a restaurant), BBQ burgers and dogs, karaoke, games, swimming and just fun in the hot, hot, sun (they are calling for 112 degrees on Saturday).

We go for our consultation with the Pediatrician tomorrow evening and it will be interesting to see what his reaction is to our story.

We got an update from our wonderful Docs the other night. They were excited about their latest arrival. Chaya (whom I have been in contact with from the moment she began with SI) and her husband Sam's little girl Ella arrived via surrogacy earlier this week. Chaya is a wonderful person and so very deserving of this amazing gift. We are so happy for her and hubby. They have started the way for the many upcoming deliveries in the next few months...ours included.

KT is doing great and getting big, we begged for a picture of her belly when she came to the clinic next and were surprised to find one when we opened our email this morning. We can see her belly is really getting bigger. The docs said she looks great and continues to feel well. J her hubby, continues to take her to all of her medical appointments and is taking such wonderful care of her while she rests at home.

Our baby belly at 32 weeks.

And once again with all this preparation, of course we are falling behind in our baby updates so, here are 2 weeks in one...

Your Baby at 31 weeks:

From this week on, your baby will continue to gain around ½ pound a week until shortly before birth.

Other highlights this week:

Due to increasing space constraints, your baby's arms and legs stay drawn up close to the body now, known as the fetal position (oh, so that's where that name came from!). Plus, your baby can now process information from all five senses—so she'll be all set to smell the pureed peas, taste them, feel them as she mashes them into her hair, hear you crack up and then see the flash as you grab the camera to snap picture after picture.

By now, your baby's lungs are the only system not fully mature. And by mature, we're not saying that the rest of your baby's systems are mature enough to be out past 10 PM with the neighborhood hooligan, just that her lungs need a little bit more time to bake before they can kick it in the outside world.

Your baby weighs about 3½ pounds and measures a little over 16 inches, about the same length as that miniskirt you used to wear (and will again someday!).

Your Baby at 32 weeks:

Although your baby will still remain active, his days of trying out for Cirque du Soleil are nearly over. About this time your baby will settle into the head-down position in preparation for birth.

Other fascinating facts:

Both KT and baby are putting on some serious weight at this point. KT will probably gain about a pound a week for the next few weeks, with half of that poundage bulking up baby. He'll likely double his weight in the next eight weeks.

Ever wonder what your baby is doing in there these days? He's busy blinking, looking around, grabbing things, making faces, practicing his breathing, peeing and listening to everything around him—pretty much exactly what he'll be doing for the first three months of his life, sans the adoring audience and the flashing camera.

Your baby may (or may not) have a full head of hair now.

By the end of this week, your baby will weigh about 4 pounds and measure over 17 inches long—about the length of a hot pair of above-the-knee boots. Christian Louboutin? Manolo Blahnik? We're thinking Isaac Mizrahi for Target—you've got a nursery to furnish!