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Sunday, February 8, 2009

What will they look like? Hmmm.....

A growing baby at 8 weeks:Well can you believe it, today we had rain! and of all things hail. It was only for a short time, but it still happened none the less. That is not a very common sight for us here in the desert of beautiful Arizona. After sleeping in a bit, since we were up late last night playing a board game with Rhonda's Mom and Dad and 2 of our wonderful neighbors, we decided that since it was a bit gloomy out, what a great day for more baby window shopping, my favorite!!

So we set off to Scottsdale and Babies 'R' Us. We decided to stop first for a bite to eat for lunch and happened upon a Red Robin restaurant which, from one of the recent Parents magazines was voted one of the top 10 family friendly restaurants in the US. We had never eaten there and thought let's see what it was all about. In we went and were immediately met by several children who were getting balloons at the front. Everywhere we looked there seemed to be families and lots and lots of children. I guess the word got out!!!

We were seated, and as we waited to be served we looked around and noticed that in the family next to us, several of the family members were from India. Rhonda noticed that they had a little girl with them and it was her 1 year old birthday and they were celebrating (my beautiful wife has a knack for noticing babies and dogs!). Rhonda said to me "Isn't she beautiful?" I looked over at her and said that she was a cutie. What Rhonda said next really struck me, she said "that's what our baby might look like." I looked back at the family. This time I noticed that the husband was white and the wife was Indian. She had a lot of similarities to our egg donor, some of the same features, the same fair skin complexion, and the same long dark wavy hair. We couldn't help but think that maybe that is what our baby will look like. Wow, it was very overwhelming. The thought of this brought tears to our eyes, tears of joy!!! I am certain that we are not alone with these thoughts. I am sure that other couples who have used an egg donor, wonder what their child will look like. We couldn't help but stare at the little baby, so beautiful.

I, being an overly-friendly guy, and a self proclaimed ambassador for India, couldn't help but want to talk with the family. I seized an opportunity when the Grandfather was about to take a picture of the family celebrating. I offered to take the picture with all of them in it, you can't leave out the Grandfather!! As he thanked me for taking the picture, I asked him where his family is from. He said he and his wife have lived in the US for 47 years, but were originally from Hyderabad, India. Wow!! this is where our awesome Doctor Sudhir is from, what a small world. As we talked, we told him that we were admiring his beautiful granddaughter, as we too were expecting a child, a child that will be born in Mumbai. He was very happy for us and this immediately made him open up to us. He grabbed my hand and said congratulations and continued to hold my hand as he talked. For those of you that have had the opportunity to travel and experience India, you would know that this is common in the Indian culture. It is a sign of friendship between men, and I knew this.

There are some little things in life that happen that bring a big smile to your face, and that moment we spent talking to him and admiring the beautiful baby girl was one of them.