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Friday, December 26, 2008

Frankie opening her Christmas Gifts

We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Santa spoiled us all rotten again this year. We hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas as well. We were able to talk to both of the Docs on Christmas morning in India, and Dr. Yash was actually out enjoying some Christmas Day shopping since Christians are still very outnumbered in India and it was considered just another day by the majority.

We are anxiously awaiting the news of our retrieval tomorrow. This cycle is so different than the last 2 as we are using an egg donor and Gerry's frozen "boys" and are so far removed from it all. We are trying to stay as connected as we can, and are hoping that photos and a video will help us with that. We both feel so out of touch with the whole process. It's so different when you are actually in Mumbai, in the thick of things, at the hospital, sticking yourself with needles, and being a part of the transfer to the surrogate. Those are the things that make it feel so real. In the end though, the outcome remains the same...just wanting a beautiful bundle of joy to call our own.