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Friday, October 2, 2009

I am in love with another man...

He may be a little man, but none the less MY little man.  I am so in love!  In love with my adorable bald headed boy!  I can't help but stare into those big brown eyes at every chance I get, and tell myself how much I truly adore him.  We are blessed beyond belief.  I promised myself and continue everyday, to not take one day, one hour, one single minute with my little guy for granted! We are so very fortunate to have been given this amazing gift from God.  So many years of heartbreak and disappointment and now we have this sweet little angel to call our own.  We know how lucky we are.  So, many others are still waiting or still trying and I know their pain all to well.  I won't for one minute forget all that we have gone through to make our dreams come true and I remember ever time I stare down at my little wonder that he is my little miracle.  He seems to change daily.  I see it in his face.  He is constantly making funny faces and he makes us laugh all the time.  He is absolutely precious and perfect in every way.  He is the BEST!  Mommy's little Monkey... and so the change for our blog layout and newest chapter in our journey.

 Today he went back for a follow up with Dr. Gentile.  Blaze has some drainage from his left eye that started just before we left India and continues to be a nuisance, but the Doc says it is probably caused by a bend in the tear duct and as he grows, it will straighten out.  It is quite common in newborns.  His own daughter had the same thing, and at 4 months it was totally cleared up.  So to help clear up the drainage he prescribed some drops.

Blaze is now a whopping 8.13 lbs and 21 inches long.  He gained over a pound in 2 weeks.  WOW!  He continues to thrive and the Doc is very pleased with his progress.  Next visit is in one month for the start of his vaccines.  UGH!  Poor little guy.  At least we have a month until that sure to be unhappy, but very important day.  He has been sleeping in his own room for about a week now in his big boy bed (aka crib).  He looks so tiny in this big crib compared to the playard.  Our baby monitor (after much deliberation and research, we decided on the Sony 900mhz 27 channel, and it works really great) is a Godsend now, as we are able to move about the house and not worry about not hearing him stir. 

This weekend my sister and 2 nieces are arriving for a visit to meet our newest family member.  This will be his first family visitors, and they are coming all the way from Canada.  They can't wait to see him and I can't wait for them to see his beautiful little face.

We chatted with both the SI Docs last night.  We try and keep them updated personally on their growing Godson and send photos as well.  KT had been into the clinic last week and is doing well and often asks about the 3 of us. She saw the pictures of Blaze that are up in the SI office.  It is so nice to be able to have that contact and to know that she and her family are well.

In the mean time I have been occupying my time with some crafts.  I like to scrapbook and have been really bad at keeping up with it.  So, along the same line I decided to make some closet dividers for Blaze's closet, as I went a little crazy with buying and thought it would be easier to organize the closet with them.  They are fairly expensive for just cheap, plastic dividers, so I thought to save a few dollars and to keep me busy I would try and make my own.

They are certainly not professional by any means, but they have my personal touch, and the best part is, I had fun making them.

Bottom line, they will serve their purpose and organize my buying baby clothes obsession.  I think I have got it under control now though...I can finally enter a store and come out empty handed! or with just one cute little outfit!!  Now that's progress, can you imagine if I had a girl????