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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


When I met Gerry in 1998 he was not in the military. Very soon after moving to the U.S.A he joined the Coast Guard reserves. I thought, "Good for him, if that's what makes him happy. It's only one weekend per month and 2 weeks a year away from us, that's a piece of a cake."

A few months later, Gerry was called to active duty to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. My heart stopped. Thoughts of fear and the unknown filled my mind. I was never a soldier's wife! I don't know what to do all alone! What if he never comes home? etc. etc. This wasn't supposed to happen to us, but it had. February 2004 Frankie and I drove to the West Coast of Florida to drop our guy off for what would be a long flight to the border of Iraq and Kuwait. It was one of the most emotional and terrifying times in my life, one I will never forget.

What started out as, "Oh, the Coast Guard never does more then 3 month deployments." Turned into almost a full year away from home for Gerry. I spent little time watching the news as I was scared to know what was happening so far away and out of my control. I waited for my daily, YES daily phone calls from him. My amazing soldier would walk 2 miles and wait in line 2 hours (sometimes more) every day to use the phone, just to hear my voice. In 10.5 months he only missed one day (which was out of his control). Some calls would end suddenly and I would hold my breath hoping and praying all was okay, till the next day when I could hear his sweet voice again.
While Gerry bravely fought for our country (even if neither of us were actual citizens yet) I tried to keep things status quo on the home front and stay strong and calm for him. It seemed like nothing compared to the sacrifice he was making to protect me and our friends and family from terrorism here in America. In the end it truly made our marriage stronger and gave us both a better appreciation for what we had...each other.

Memorial Day makes me remember his sacrifice and duty to his country, and I couldn't be more proud of my man and what he has done. He has served in Desert Storm for the Canadian military and Operation Iraqi Freedom for the U.S military, 2 wars for 2 countries...What a wonderful thing to share with our children some day!

God Bless all of those men and women who have served so bravely and selfishly for their country so that we could live a life of freedom.

I love you Staff Sergeant Wile and I am proud to say, ' I am a military wife, and wouldn't want to have it any other way.'