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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun baby facts...

We received our official due date.....September 23rd, WOW!!!! What a strange feeling. We had anticipated mid October, but the sooner the better. These after hour phone calls are getting better and better. This morning it was 7:08 a.m and Dr. Sudhir wanted to know, 'Why I was sleeping and not wide awake waiting for their phone call?' Yah, right! Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I LOVE my sleep and being the weekend, I was getting every minute I could before Gerry arrived home from his 24 hour shift at the firehouse. Dr.Sudhir was in great spirits, so I was relieved, as I knew it had to be more good news. He immediately put Dr. Yashodhara on and she said KT had her 1st ultrasound today. There was a single sac, and the yolk sac looked great and was in a good position. YAY!!! what wonderful news! I am now feeling more and more excited as the days pass. Our next hurdle will be hearing the heartbeat which will be in a few weeks. KT was feeling well. She was heading home today to see her family and then tomorrow, she will be moving into her new apartment near Hiranandani Hospital that she will call home for the next 9 months until our baby is born.

Gerry and I are both very overwhelmed with the outpouring of feedback we have received. Such beautiful sentiments from everyone here on our blog, in emails and phone calls. We never imagined how many lives would be touched with our journey. I even went ahead and notified the journalist for Chatelaine magazine that had joined us during our last trip to India in August. I wanted to inform her that the story that is almost ready for publishing in the coming months, which originally had a sad ending with our negative result, would now have a very happy ending.

So now that we are officially pregnant, the Parents magazines that I have been receiving since our first pregnancy in 06' (I tried to cancel the subscription after we miscarried, as it was too hard getting a reminder every single month, but no such luck!) are all now unpacked and Gerry has one literally in every room of the house. So be prepared be drowned with tons of baby facts over the next 9 months.