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Friday, May 8, 2009


Today was a good day. After much soul searching and discussion, I resigned from my current position as Director of Nursing. For the first time in 8 years I will be punching a time clock, wearing scrubs and just being responsible for me and my patients. No long days, constant stress, calls in the middle of night, responsible for everyone anymore!!!

I am SO excited to be taking a break from all of this and finally just be going to work, doing my job, coming home and being able to concentrating on just me, my husband, our puppy, and our upcoming family.

I have to give a 30 day notice, but it is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My staff has been so incredibly supportive and all have said what a wonderful job I have done and how I will be greatly missed. That makes the last year so worth while.

I am getting my priorities in order and Gerry always says it best, "We work to live, not live to work." A job, is a job, is a job, and they come and go, but family is forever and you only get one shot to do it right. I'm going to do everything in my power to try and get it right my first go around.

Everyone keeps reminding me that this is my first official Mother's Day. WOW...I keep forgetting that I am a Mommy. Won't be much longer before it is a constant reminder. I can't wait!

I am amazed we are already at 22 weeks. We are still without pictures of our scan done while we were in Mumbai. Dr. S's computer crashed and so we are patiently waiting for our keepsake photos of our precious angel. Looks like so far you think its a boy...

Your Baby at 22 weeks:

Your Mini's hands have grown bigger and stronger and the nerve endings in her fingers have developed her sense of touch. She's in there testing out her newfound abilities by touching her face and grabbing the umbilical cord.

Other cool developments:

You're already raising a little Einstein. Your baby's brain is developing at a clip this week and will continue to do so until she's five years old (so load up on the Omega 3)! Baby's hair is now a short, bright white crop (Billy Idol, eat your heart out!). No matter what color it will end up—red, blonde, black—all babies' hair lacks pigment at this point.

Your baby has started growing taste buds and may be able to detect strong flavors in the amniotic fluid. If you could see inside, you might catch her sticking out her tongue for a taste and then grimacing, a sign that perhaps you should chill on the chili powder.
(or curry powder in KT's case)

Your baby now weighs almost a pound and measures almost 11 inches from her head to her heel, which is how the Stretch Armstrong in your uterus will be measured from here on out. Up 'til now your baby's legs were curled tight up against her torso, so she was measured from her head to her bottom (or crown to rump) and not head to toe. This week your mini is about as long as a package of Oreos and as heavy as a large bag of tortilla chips. Who's hungry?