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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our 3 Little Wonders

Life with 3 little ones remains BUSY.  We are planning a Potty Training Boot Camp in the next month for Blaze as he is now 2 1/2 and we are ready for at least one out of diapers.  He just hasn't shown a whole lot of interest and so we didn't wan to push it.  He is such a GREAT big brother.  We never hesitate to get a huge grin from either of the twins when Blaze is anywhere in their line of vision.  They are both turning in to be happy little babies.  Active, talking, and so inquisitive.  They love to be next to each other and will often be caught holding hands.  They are still so tiny (seems like we just make small kids).  Jett was 13 lbs at his last Doctors visit and Dylan was topping the scales at just over 10 lbs.  Both are healthy, just slim like their big brother was and continues to be at just 26 lbs.  12 month shorts are too big in the waist but anything smaller is much too short in the legs.  Thank goodness we have warm weather the majority of the year and he can wear shorts more then pants.  At 7 months old, Jett is just in 3months clothes and Dylan is just now outgrowing her newborn clothes.  Jett is always smiling and full of giggles and squeals.  He remains healthy and looks nothing like the frail little sick child we were so close to losing in India.  I call him my little fighter and when I see his Angel wing-looking birth mark on his upper back I smile and can't help but think, that the Angels are always watching over him.  Dylan remains the ultimate Diva.  She knows she is the girl of the house and demands to be treated like a Princess.  She smiles in delight when after a high pitched attention seeking crying fit she instantly stops after being picked up.  She is such a tiny real life little doll with small facial features and a itty bitty body with a complete full head of hair.  A few months back while out at the local mall someone came up to me and said they actually thought I was holding a doll until Dylan moved. 

Our Amazing Angels
Hey move over and make some room.
All tuckered out.
All smiles
Love my baby sister
Always Smiling
Lots and lots and lots of hair
Loves her Daddy
Mommy juggling bath time

Jett's Angel wing
Love my Twin
Blaze is talking up a storm.  He can now count to 20, knows all the letters in the alphabet and can recite them quite readily.  He knows all his colors and animals and even some farm animals in Spanish too.  The other day I got home from work and he was counting to 10 in Spanish.  Gotta love our Nanny!!! He knows his full name and his brother and sisters full name and even sometimes catches off guard by calling us Rhonda and Gerry. When he really wants to be cute he will call us, 'Honey' or 'Babe'.  He knows Mommy is a "Nois" (nurse) and Daddy is a "tierman" (fireman).  He certainly doesn't miss a beat and I tell him all the time I think he is the smartest 2 1/2 year old in the world, to which he replies, 'Noooo Mommy' with a giggle.
And he tries...ALL the time!
Such a gentle dog
Neyla always on watch

Well we finally sent off our application for Canadian Citizenship for the Twins.  With luck they too will be Dual Citizens just like their older brother in about a year.  They may never use it, but then again they might...either way it gives them the opportunity to live and work in either Canada or the U.S. 

Mug shots

We have had a house full of sickness since the start of 2012 with the exception of Daddy whom we all need a good dose of his healthy blood it seems.  I have had cough with cold symptoms and got quite the scare when I went for a routine chest x-ray only to find out there is a nodule on my lung.  Many scans, lab work and Doctor visits later we found out it was Valley Fever.  Not something this Canadian girl is all too familiar with, but very relieved it wasn't anything more serious or fatal.  Needless to say this has been a long few months of fatigue and yucky cold symptoms for me.  All 3 kids have been passing coughs, sniffles and fevers around to each other and Nanny and Mommy.  Hopefully with the summer weather coming it will put an end to all this crud.  Healthy Daddy has been dealing with a very sudden unexpected injury of his own.  His Christmas present to himself this year was a complete distal bicep tear while unscrewing a fire hydrant during a training exercise, followed by immediate repair surgery on Dec. 23rd.  He is on the mend although frustrated with his limitations and very strict Doctors orders.

Elmo's the Night Before Christmas with post-op Daddy
The elves and Santa visiting at Christmas
Nanny has her hands full, and she LOVES it!
Although busy and little time to myself I count my blessings each and every day that I look into the smiling precious faces of my 3 amazing children.  

She may walk before she crawls
Jumps till he passes out!
Fun with Daddy