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Monday, December 29, 2008

And life begins.

"Hello Rhonda, this is Dr. Sudhir. I am sorry to wake you, but I wanted to share with you that your transfer just took place, and that you both are pregnant until proven otherwise." These were the words we awoke to at our 3:30 a.m telephone call this morning. All 12 embryo's fertilized, and in Dr. Yash's words, 'they are all beautiful Grade A embryo's.' What amazing news! 3 of those were transferred into Rekha and 2 more are to be transferred at the blastocyst phase in just 2 days. We were both awake with excitement at the wonderful news. Rekha was doing fine, and on her way to the clinic to rest. We sent along our love and hugs to her. Dr. Sudhir was there for the entire transfer. Dr. Yash said, it was sad not to see us in the waiting room and missed watching Gerry pacing back and forth as he did with our first transfer, while I was in with the surrogate holding her hand. Our second transfer, he was able to be in the room while I was the one left to pace. So, thanks Dr. Sudhir for taking over with the pacing in our absence. So needless to say, all day was pretty much spent on cloud nine and sharing our great news to anyone who was within ear shot and willing to listen.

Thank you all for your wonderful words of support and encouragement we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and only hope to share those 3 perfect words sometime soon...'We are pregnant!'