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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Belly Pictures...long overdue! (from Doubly Blessed)

I have been very slack on updating our blog.  Time is passing by so quickly and the twins will be here before we know it.  Here are our long overdue belly shots of our surrogate:

7 weeks- not yet showing.

14 weeks- just a little belly.

17 weeks- Whoa there's our babies.

Our beautiful babies! (from Doubly Blessed)

We are already in our 20th week.  More then half way there considering most twins are considered full term at around 36 weeks.  We had our 4D (3D on our end as we had no sound or movement only still images) anomaly scan in our 18th week.  Our surrogate is doing great and continues to have an uneventful pregnancy thus far. So without further adieu, here are our beautiful babes:

Twin 1 left   Twin 2 right

Twin 1 left   Twin 2 right

Twin 1 left (legs)   Twin 2 right

Twin 2 left   Twin 1 right

Twin 1 left  Twin 2 right

Twin 2

Twin 1 is measuring at 17.5 weeks and Twin 2 is 18.2 weeks.  Twin 2's measurements are all a little bigger except for Twin 1's femur, and foot.  Both have a fetal heart rate of 133 bpm.  Gerry is convinced we have 2 boys, however he says he is certain Twin 2 is a boy.  Grandma R. says she thinks she sees 2 boys as well.  Me...well I have NO idea since all the essential body parts are cut off on purpose. So I am guessing its one of each, just to be different.  Either way as long as they both continue on this healthy and uneventful path to a normal delivery I am happy for 2 beautiful babies.