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Monday, September 7, 2009

Thats my boy!

Everyone loves a baby, and especially a cute little boy.  Who can resist those beautiful blue eyes and that bald head? He's already a chick magnet, thank you son!! As most of you are aware, we are staying at the VITS hotel, and included with our 1 bedroom suite is a full buffet breakfast and also a full buffet supper.  If the 3 of us are not out on the town enjoying what Mumbai has to offer, we head down to the buffet for supper.  Tonight during supper, we had the opportunity to meet 2 beautiful young women who are from the Republic of Georgia, and are both in Medical Tourism.  They are aware of surrogacy and were fascinated with the ups and downs of our journey to have Blaze. They each had to have a turn at holding our precious little bundle of joy and marveled at how his features look just like his Dad.

As our son reaches 12 days old, we see him growing and changing each day, he is awesome in each and every way.  Rhonda and I often just sit and look at him as he sleeps and think how truly blessed we are.  Our journey hasn't always been a smooth road, as we know first hand the devastating feelings that a negative causes, and now looking back that seems so long ago.  But if we can offer any advice, it would be to never, never, never, give up.  It will happen!!

Tomorrow is a big day for our Blaze, he returns once again to the place of his birth, Hiranadani hospital.  He is having his circumcision surgery at 3 pm, which will be performed by a very highly recommended pediatric surgeon, Dr. Nanavati.  We are a little nervous for our little guy, but know that he is in great hands, and Dr. Yash and Dr. Sudhir will be there as well with us for support.

The onsie says it all!!!