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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OUCH...that smarts!

 What are you people doing???

Now its time to steal the computer away from my long-winded husband (Just wait for his post of items to bring, buy,etc. he is working on).  Can you tell he is a little passionate about all this stuff???

Today was Blaze's big surgery.  Thank God I am a nurse.  Poor Gerry wasn't prepared at all for the first diaper change, he hates to see his little man in any sort of pain.  Let's just say, that I know from experience that it always looks worse then it is.  Poor little fella, my heart broke for him.  Gerry donned a green gown and went in before the procedure, and again right after it into the recovery room to hold and comfort Blaze.  He was amazed at how calm and cool Blaze looked immediately after the surgery.  He even asked the Doctor if he did the procedure.  The Doctor smiled and said, "Oh, give it 10 minutes for the local anesthetic to wear off!"  And it did, every time he cried I felt like crying along side him.  The Doctor gave Gerry all of the post-op orders and told him that it was an uneventful procedure.  Good to know.  Dr. Nanavati was great, very informative, sweet and definitely an accomplished Pediatric Surgeon.  We had a quick discharge from the day care ward in the triage (emergency) room and then it was back to our hotel to rest.  All in all, it cost us a whopping $189.00 for the entire procedure (OR, Doctor, Medical Supplies, etc.)  I requested some Baby Acetaminophen (Indian version of Tylenol here in the US) at the hospital pharmacy while we picked up the topical ointment to apply with each diaper change.  Both of them together came to a grand total of less then $1.00.  You definitely can't beat the prices of health care here!

Pre-op Blaze in his mini hospital gown

 Post-op my poor little guy

We have been so fortunate to run into Dr.Soni each time we are at Hiranandani hospital.  She always asks,  "How's my baby?"  and she is always so full of big smiles and big hugs.  For those IP's who come after us, you will absolutely LOVE this woman.  Each and every IP from all of the various clinics in Mumbai cannot sing her praises enough.  She goes above and beyond for you, your surrogate, and your newborn child with pride.  Who could ask for more?

Prior to Blaze's surgery we had metabolic screening (Preventine New Born Screening) done since we were at the hospital.  It was recommended by the on-staff Pediatrician during Blaze's last check up.  It is to check multiple genetic disorders.  She gave us a pamphlet on the testing and it is quite a non-invasive test (Yah right, tell that to Blaze!).  It consists of a simple heel prick (like a blood glucose test) and a urine sample.  Gerry and I both had to laugh when the nurse brought in a urine specimen cup for us to give to Blaze, what did she expect from our 13 day old son, to be able to go on command?  I kindly asked her for a pediatric urine specimen bag, which seemed like a huge task as it took forever to get.  Both the Docs has a good chuckle over our story as well.  It takes 20 days for the results of the test and the hospital will email those to us as we will be back in Arizona.

Getting the 'heel prick'

Tomorrow we pick up Blaze's passport from the U.S Consulate, as it was just one day later then anticipated due to the Labor Day holiday.  Then Thursday we have an appointment with Parashar to go to the FRRO.  He has now starting to work with SI clients and the Docs feel confident in having him as a part of their team. 

After hopefully a relatively short day at the FRRO on Thursday, we all jet-set to Goa.  Once again Amit ROCKED and booked the entire vacation getaway for us at a outstanding price.  A 4 day/3 night, 4 star hotel, including breakfast every morning, 1 hour sunset cruise, half-day sightseeing tour, complimentary bottle of wine and 50% off all spa services (guess who's going to get a massage and who's baby sitting for that hour???)  We are excited to get-away and have a slight change in scenery and enjoy some quiet time on the beach before heading back to the States on Monday night.

Time here has really flown by (insert sad face here!!).  I can't WAIT to see our Frankie girl.  I miss her dearly, but I know that Lauren has been a gem and has kept me updated on Facebook and via phone, that Frankie is her usual self and doesn't really leave Lauren's side.  They have become quick friends.  I wonder if Frankie is even missing us, as I am sure Lauren is spoiling her rotten??? 

Well, its off to bed, it surely will be a long night with our little one fresh post-op. Please wish our little angel a speedy recovery.