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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back Home Sweet Home

We made it back home safe and sound. I really don't care to see another plane again, at least for 9 months anyway. What a long trip! Our flight was late leaving Mumbai what an experience that was, I have never been frisked so much in my life! We made it into JFK and it was a complete mess; our bags took forever to arrive and then we had to put them through customs again. We had to run through the airport at mach speed and almost missed our flight but, we made it JUST in time. We arrived in Phoenix on time, but all of our baggage didn't. The remainder of our bags arrived later this evening around 10pm and were delivered to the house. We called our family to let them know that we made it back and also received a call from Dr. Sudhir who was 'just checking in.' We are now patiently waiting and nail biting in our 2 week wait and trying to get back in the swing of things here at home. It was wonderful to see our baby Frankie and do some much needed snuggling. Glad to be home, but missing our new second home, Mumbai.