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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 3- So Long Hiranandani

Saturday August 29, 2009

We spent the rest of Friday just basking in Blaze's glory. We kept looking at each other and just smiling at the little life that was ours. Our whole life as we knew it was no longer (it was better!!!). We are now both responsible for this little fella. We have to keep pinching ourselves to make sure we aren't dreaming. He is really here, he is real, he is our dream come true.

We realized a bit too late that the Avent bottle sterilizer and warmer that we lugged all the way from Arizona, can't be used with out a grounding plug in the hospital due to reduced power to the rooms even with a voltage regulator. So to make our lives easier Gerry decided to go down to the little shop on the ground floor of the hospital and purchase a two-in-one set. The shopkeeper was very proud to open the box and show it all completely to Gerry, and oh so happy when he purchased it. RS 6200, money well spent!! We decided that we will leave it for the Docs to lend out to future IP's, compliments of Blaze, since we can use ours when we return to the States and certainly won't be needing two. He also was able to pick up a few goodies for the new Mom as well (diet coke, potato chips and cookies) and smuggle them up to our room by schmoozing the security guard. Hiranandani Hospital doesn't allow outside food into the hospital at all, but sells the snacks in the gift shop, who wouldn't be tempted?.

We woke every 2 hours to continue Blaze's feedings and he continues to increase by the day. He is now up to a whopping 40ml's. He sleeps in the hospital bassinet which is identical to the one they use in the NICU, minus all the bells, whistles and wires attached to him.

Mommy is officially christened during the night by her little boy. With a squirt as big as a fountain. This is truly going to get some getting used too. Any hints from Mommy's with boys, I will surely take them. There must be an art to this?! Daddy gets it from the other end when Blaze is full of gas and lets out a fart right in his face during his 0130 diaper change. We get a good laugh tonight as we are getting used to our little guy and he is getting used to us fumbling away as we learn.

He truly is a great baby. He sleeps, eats, poops, pees, farts, hiccups, burps, and let's out an occasional cry that may last all of 60 seconds, when he is full of gas or hungry or needs to be changed. We are learning his cries, and his needs.

I am referring to 2 books we picked up for quick reference. One called Secrets of The Baby Whisperer (thanks Carrie Jo) and the other, Baby 411 (a package deal with our Baby Bargains Book). They have both been very helpful in identifying facial grimaces, tongue and body movements, what to do if's, and what to look for when's.

We made it through our first night, and Blaze made it quite easy for us. The next morning he gets his first sponge bath from the pretty little nurse. Lucky boy, Daddy says!

He gets a needle in his thigh (an antibiotic used as a prophylactic twice a day for 3 days) He really cries with that and Mommy and Daddy feel so bad. I suppose this is just a dry run for when he gets his vaccines when we return home.

Blaze's second visitor comes today. Amit (our friend and travel guy extraordinaire) comes to meet him for the first time. He of course sleeps through the entire visit. Blaze that is, not Amit! Everyone comments on how cute he is and what a good baby we have.

Dr. Soni stops by for a visit to check on all of us. Its such a pleasure to see her. She asks if Daddy is happy now and says she doesn't blame Gerry one bit, she knows how he must feel to be without his child by his side. She tells us she helped in getting Blaze sprung from the NICU by telling the Doc that I am a nurse and can care for Blaze and know what to look for (she has more confidence in me then I do). We are so grateful for all of her support and help.

Dr. Soni also personally asked us to write this for her as another couple staying at the hospital who also had their child via surrogacy had mentioned rumors that Dr. Soni would not be working with SI clients any longer due to some very recent issues with one couple and their surrogate. She said that these rumors are not true and that she will continue and is currently working with SI clients and that will not change in any way.

Late morning Dr. Mehta makes rounds. He has the sister take Blaze over to the window and checks out his coloring in the direct sunlight.

I ask him (more like plead) if we could be discharged today. Blaze is eating great, tolerating his feedings without any vomiting and I am able to continue to give him his medication if need be. He hesitates and says that he really would like him to stay one more night, but if we promise to return in the morning for his last antibiotic injection, he will grant the discharge. I am so happy I could just hug him. Gerry and I both thank him dearly for all his care he has provided Blaze.

A few hours of waiting for the doctors and nurses to get everything in order. Several forms to take to the admitting desk on the ground floor. A quick trip to the PRO (public relations office, also on the ground floor behind the admitting desk) to pick up a letter confirming the birth at the hospital that is required for the FFRO and the all important exit visa. And finally, payment of our bill of $550.00 USD (yes that included Blaze's NICU stay) and we are ready to go.

Dr. Yash and Dr. Sudhir happen to be leaving the clinic and since the VITS hotel is on their way they offer to take Blaze for his very first car ride.

Amit managed to get us transferred to a 1 bedroom suite after we realized the extra room will come in handy with our newest addition. They are beautiful and fully equipped to meet all our needs for the rest of our stay in Mumbai.

Have I mentioned what a Godsend Amit is...he totally rocks and SI is fortunate to have him assisting their clients. We are going to hit him up later in the stay for a few days away for rest and relaxation (well as much as you can get with a newborn) outside of Mumbai, possibly Goa.

Blaze it appears LOVES the car. Daddy held him tight in his arms in the backseat, as car seats in India are few and far between, while Dr. Yash drove ever so careful with our precious cargo.

We had to laugh when fireworks for the Ganesha celebrations went off right next to the car and I jumped, but Blaze didn't even skip a beat. He slept through the whole thing. We all agreed he is a true Mumbai baby.

Back at the VITS the guys at the hotel (our friendly bellboys) helped Gerry and I move all of our stuff from the single room to our new suite, while the Docs baby sat. I suppose that's the job of God Parent's.

We said our good-byes to both the Docs as we got settled into our new place we will call home for the next 16 days.

Day 2- Blaze gets broke out of NICU

Friday August 28, 2009

We finally get our boy...

0930- We arrive at the hospital again after we both crashed at our hotel room from emotional exhaustion. I arrived just in time to feed him as the nurses (sisters) were so busy with the critical babies the day prior, it put Blaze's feeding schedule off by 40 mins. I got all dressed, excited and anxious to see my guy and as soon as I walked into the NICU the Sister says, 'you need to leave, give us 5 minutes.' So, I step out and I wait, and wait and wait. Finally one of the Sister's walks by and I ask, can I go in to see my baby now. She tells me, 'yes.' I walk through the door and over to my precious Angel. I am so happy to see him, I just hate being separated from him. So I go to pick him up in my arms and another Sister turns to me and says, 'you must leave Mam. His feeding is over.' WHAT??? I question her that his feeding time was off from yesterday and that I haven't seen him, and have waited patiently while they took care of their emergency with the 3rd little girl who had now arrived. But, she is adamant, 'Come back at 11am!' I manage to at least get out of her that Blaze is now up to 12cc and tolerating them well. As Gerry and I get back to the room, I loose it, the tears come pouring out. I am tired, I am frustrated, I am missing my son SO terribly. Gerry is really upset now. Now the Mother can't even visit?! I quickly regain my composure and decide to look forward to the 11 a.m feeding and hopefully a visit from Dr. Mehta as we still don't know what the plan is for Blaze's discharge.

1100- Blaze's feeding went great.

Dr. Sudhir called in a favor from the Nursing Director at the Hospital to allow Gerry to go in for the next feeding and not have to wait until 5 p.m. The nurse tells me that I need to bring Blaze a bottle, clothes, and cap. An exciting step for him.

1300- I brought in a bottle and a cute little onesie, cap and some socks for the Sister's to dress him in. Gerry came in, but again was asked to leave. He explained to the nurse that he had received permission to come in for the feeding, but she was just rude and told him to go. That was the last straw for both of us. I went in for the feeding and decided to ask a lot of questions. Only to find out that Dr. Mehta had made rounds early in the morning (and no one called us as we requested so we could come down and meet with him personally) and gave instructions that he wanted Blaze to get to taking at least 20cc of formula and he would consider discharge. Again NO communication. The nurse prepared Blaze's feed in the bottle I whispered in his ear. 'Come on little guy drink it like a Champ for Daddy, so we can break you outta here.' That's just what he did. Not only did he drink the 15cc that the nurse prepared she went back and got 10cc more and he drank that too. I was so happy I almost screamed. I couldn't wait to get out into the hall to tell Gerry the GREAT news. Before I left the 'nice' nurse said, 'please tell your husband he can come back for the next feed at 2:45 p.m. We will adjust the time so he can come in alone without any other mothers.' I ripped all my gear off and ran out in the hall to tell a very upset and sad 'kicked out x2' Daddy the wonderful news. We got on the phone and asked Dr. Yash to call in a favor and see if Dr. Mehta could make rounds early so we could get Blaze discharged to our room as soon as possible and so we didn't miss his visit this time.

1445- Gerry can't wait to get down to the NICU to see his little Champ. We arrive to find out that Dr. Mehta had been in and rounded again (and we were not notified), but this time we got the news we were anxiously awaiting. YAHOOOOOO!!!! We were finally going to get our boy with us. That's ALL we wanted. Gerry stayed and did the feed and with all our excitement it made it that much more special. So we returned to the room to wait for our little package to be hand delivered.

1615- There is a knock on our room door. It is Dr. Sudhir. He said to gerry 'Blaze isn't in the room yet?' and Gerry said to him 'no, we are STILL waiting!' And no more did he finish saying that then in walked Dr. Yash with our beautiful Blaze in her arms. It was PERFECT! All that frustration, sadness, stress and tears was a long lost memory. Blaze's very first visitors, how fitting, his Indian God Parents. We had our Angel and there was no one going to keep him from us again!!!!

FINALLY with Daddy...

Dr. Sudhir (God Father)

No mask, no gown, just pure kisses

Dr. Yash (God Mother)