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Thursday, August 28, 2008

And we are off...

Well, the hours are ticking by and we are almost ready...we think! Jack our wonderful neighbor and friend was just over to get the run down on what it takes to take care of our Princess Frankie. Automatic feeder..check. Automatic waterer..check. Treats, treats and more treats..check. Can you tell she is our only child?

We realized that we have to be at the airport at 4:45 am. Gerry is REALLY ANAL about always being ON time, so you know I will be a really happy camper tomorrow a.m!

Was able to leave work early today. Did I mention how great my Boss is? I have only been with this company for 4 months and they are not even batting an eye at me taking the 2 weeks off, not to mention when we have to go back again in 9 months time!!! Everyone gave me lots of hugs today and tons of well wishes, they are hoping for multiples so we can set up a nursery in my office. (YAH, right!) I left the BLOG address for them to follow along too and they are all so excited for the both of us. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by so much support and amazing friends and family.

Another morning wake up of getting stuck. No bruising or crazy raging hormone side effects still. Keeping our fingers crossed. My ultrasounds results finally came back yesterday (3 hours to do it and 1 week waiting for the results...WOW!) Stilling showing 2 small cysts on the right ovary both less then 1 cm, so that was good news.

Well better get back to it, still trying to figure out how we are going to manage with SO much stuff.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just a quickie!

Well, I woke up this morning to Gerry standing over me with needles. Great way to start the day! Actually, I am doing great. First dose of hormones (600iu of Gonal F), so far so good! We will be keeping you updated with short entries here on the BLOG so you don't miss a minute of all the FUN! LOL

Monday, August 25, 2008

Holy Crap...we are going to ride elephants!!!

WOOOO HOOOO!!!! Just got email confirmation from Dr. Sudhir that our trip is booked. Both Gerry and I felt that the time away to Sindhudurg on our first trip, did us a world of good while our follicles were growing. So we urged the Docs to find us another exciting getaway. We will be flying to Jaipur in Northern India for a quick but relaxing 2 night tour and staying at the gorgeous Jaipur Palace, Samode Haveli.

We are going on an elephant ride AND a camel ride too! When we think of India we imagine the culture and its vast history, and we will hopefully get to experience more of what we have dreamed of.

Tomorrow will be the start of cycle day one for me and then the dreaded injections start just 24 hours later. Gerry already has the needles and all his supplies ready and waiting for my tummy since he gets all the fun of sticking ME! Still awaiting the results from my dreaded 3 hour ultrasound and even the Docs had a good chuckle over that. Can't wait to get to my wonderful 10 minute Sonographer in Mumbai. He is the BOMB!!!
Just finishing up last minute packing and preparations. Tomorrow is a Vet appointment for Frankie and my pedicure and picking up last minute medical records. And of course squeezing in time on the support qroup to answer questions, give advice and most of all encourage others on their journeys.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

5 more sleeps!

We have been shopping, buying, and preparing the house for 2 weeks away. The suitcases are out and Frankie is not a happy camper. I will miss her like crazy once again. I swear, if I could put her in one of those doggie carry-on bags I would bring her with us.

Well, we told ourselves we would take it easy with the gifts this time, but by the looks of our spare room bed covered in gifts, we didn't listen very well. Oh well, it is so worth it to see the faces of those who receive gifts, especially those who are less fortunate.

Finished my BCP's today and awaiting cycle day one. Did I mention my 3 hour u/s visit at the OBGYN's. NOT fun! Once again my 2 of everything always makes for a fun time. Oh well, just have to keep my eye on the prize!

The docs are keeping us in suspense with our vacation get-away. We will be leaving shortly after arriving in Mumbai as we will be crazy busy with baby stuff after that. Hoping I will travel well full of follicles!

Each and every day we get 20 plus emails with questions, comments and support towards our journey. It is absolutely wonderful!

We are really excited and are feeling more comfortable this trip knowing the city, the Doctors, the facilities, food, etc. As each day passes our anticipation and excitement heightens, not to mention my nerves and Gerry's stressfulness. It sure makes for some interesting times here in the Wile household. Well back to packing.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

We are off in less then 2 weeks. Can't believe how quickly its coming. We have been preparing for our second big trip in less then 4 months. I feel like a world traveler all of the sudden.

Met up with friends Mel and Brijesh today and talked lots about what we will do. Excited about being in Mumbai during the Ganesh festival, a huge Hindu religious festival.

Scheduled for my first ultrasound and estrogen level on Wednesday, so we shall see if that darned cyst is finally gone. Then it will be hormones full steam ahead not long after that!

Will keep you updated as we go...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

19 Days and counting...

Well Gerry is finally back home!!! If you could see the perma-smile on my face you could tell how very excited I am (oh, and Frankie too!) He received an award for being honor graduate on his course getting a 99% final grade(one mistake out of 86 total tests...ouch!). I am so proud of my Fire Fighter.

We have been busy buying gifts to take to India and stuff for us. I purchases a pair of Crocs yesterday (my first pair believe it or not) which I thought would be great for the end of the rainy season in Mumbai.

Have been in touch with a few others from the Support Group and we will be there cycling with an old friend who has been following and supporting us from the beginning of our first cycle. C & M will be there the same time as us and it will be nice to share this experience with her and finally get to meet her in person.

Speaking of the Surrogacy Support Forum, it has taken off in leaps and bounds with over 60 members and over 700 posts since we started in mid June. The Docs can't thank me enough for all my hard work in assisting and coordinating the forum. I have to admit though that I really do enjoy moderating it and it has become a mutually beneficial relationship for me as well.

We continue to receive so much support and kind words. We have truly inspired and assisted others along in their own journeys and words cannot describe what a amazing feeling that is. It is one of the very reasons for us initiating this blog and it has superseded our expectations with over 600 views since we started it May of this year.

We (well more so the Docs) are in the midst of planning a vacation get-away while in Mumbai, hopefully with the Docs. We are really hoping we will be able to ride elephants this trip as that would definitely be a once in a life time experience.

Went to visit my local OBGYN a few weeks back and he is right on board with us and says to call with anything we need to help us along in our medical process prior to travel. I just love Dr. Lindstrom for being so open minded and supportive of our journey, he is GREAT!

We have also been in contact with Lisa, a journalist from Canada with Chatelaine, a national magazine. She had contacted us a while back to do a story on us and our Surrogacy India adventure. She and her photographer will be meeting us in Mumbai to do the finishing touches on the article. How exciting is that...we are going to be Stars! LOL