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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our little Trooper...

Blaze went for his 2 month check up with Dr. Gentile on the Monday, the 26th.  He has gained a bunch of weight and I just knew he was getting heavier.  He is now up to 10.7 lbs. and a whopping 22.25 inches long.  Almost double his birth weight!

We are now going to start placing a teaspoon of rice cereal in his morning and night bottles and see what he thinks.  Our Doc says its fine to start doing this.  As I mentioned, Blaze had his 2 month set of vaccinations and he ROCKED!  The nurse was quick and great, 2 injections and 1 drinkable ( Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Haemophilus Influenza Type B, Pneumococcal Congugate, Rotavirus).  He let out a holler and then Daddy picked him up and he quieted down immediately.

He was great for the next few hours and then woke up after a nap and his poor little thigh, where the injection site was, was red and swollen.  We knew he was hurting and he let us know.  It broke our hearts.  Poor baby, he cried real tears and his bottom lip was justa quivering.  Poor darling.  We applied his stuffed sea turtle ice pack and he laid on Daddy's chest and fell asleep all the while taking short little high pitched breathes.

We are NOT looking forward to Dec 31st when he gets his 4 month round of vaccines, but we know how important they are, and to have him protected.

He is starting to interact more with us and cooing and smiling.  He loves, loves, loves lights and ceiling fans and stares at them incessantly.

This has really been since day one.  He especially loved the lights in the elevator at the VITS.

His eyelashes seemed to have grown overnight.  They are SO long.  Lucky guy.  I am sure the girls will be jealous some day.

Papa and Grandma arrived on Sunday afternoon from Niagara Falls, and couldn't be happier to be back in sunny Arizona to enjoy the winter, especially now that they have a little grandson to enjoy.  Gerry decided to play a trick on Grandma and tell her Blaze wasn't feeling well (I said just say he was fussy or she may get worried) and so we stayed at home and didn't come to the airport.  I was right, she got worried and then minutes later when the 2 of us came out from around the pillar, her eyes just got so wide and the 'OMG!' came.

We couldn't get her attention for the rest of the day...well WE couldn't, but Blaze certainly did!  ALL DAY LONG!  She was just elated, such a happy Grandma.


The boys (minus Blaze) took a trip to Mom and Dad's trailer to get everything in order.  While they were gone, Mommy gave Blaze a bath and Grandma watched with delight.  Then the tears came.  She was just overwhelmed with emotions watching me there with my sweet little boy.  She was just so happy to see me after so long with my dream come true.  It was a wonderful moment.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


That is the one word that best describes my sweet beautiful boy.  He gets more handsome by the day.  I never imagined it was possible to love something/someone this much and it just grows more and more every day.  I take him into my arms and just want to squeeze him and kiss him and never let go.  I see him with his Daddy and the way he stares up into his eyes and it simply melts my heart.

Monday is his 2 month check up with Dr. Gentile and we are anxious to see how much he has officially grown even though we see it every day.  I can't believe he is already 2 months.  It truly feels like yesterday when Dr. Soni placed him in my arms for the very first time. 

He is getting SO strong.  His neck muscles are stronger by the day. We give him 'Tummy time' every day.

He is holding his head up off our chest most often when we are cuddling or burping him.  He sits up with just a little help and loves to stand up tall. When we hold him up, he pushes his legs straight and tall.  He even tries to crawl up our chests when we hold him.

He is now grabbing and holding onto things like his burp cloth, Daddy's chain and Mommy's hair (ponytails are becoming my best friend).  He is also sleeping longer through the night, now up to 5-7.5 hours.  YAY for us!   He continues to be very alert  and looks all around and follows our voices and images.  He is wide eyed most of the day and is now just taking smaller catnaps throughout the day.

He loves his swing (thanks Pat and Laura) and sits and watches his Disney movies intently or just falls asleep whichever suits him best.

We have started having him join us at the table for supper every night.  He sits in his Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair.  We love it because we can recline him far enough back so he is comfortable and the settings will allow us to gradually sit him up as he is able to tolerate it.

He is gaining weight and we can really see it in his face and thighs.  We continue to swaddle him for bed as we find he sleeps much more soundly. He even sometimes falls asleep while Daddy is burping him.

This past Thursday we both had a dry run, as I picked up a day at work and Daddy stayed home with him alone for the first time.  It was the longest I had been away from him since he was born.  I had his picture at my desk and I couldn't decide if it was harder to stare at the picture and miss him more or stare at it and know he wasn't far from my every thought.  I am really busy at work and time flies by so it makes it much better to have to go every day...but not that much better.  I still miss him like crazy and don't want to miss a single minute of anything he does.  Monday I start back full time and then the real test will be on Thursday when he has a full day with the Nanny.  We really like her and I feel 100% confident that she is going to be great with Blaze...but that doesn't make it any easier to leave him. 

Grandma and Papa arrive today and Mom has called me everyday saying that they had only a few more sleeps till they get here.  I can't wait for them to see Blaze.  It is going to be so great to have them be so close to their newest Grandson.  My other nieces and nephews have never lived in the same town with their Grandparents so they missed out on a lot.  At least now for 6ish months of the year they will be able to spend as much time as they want with Blaze.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our little Buddha

I am going back a little here, to when we were in Mumbai for the birth of our little one, but I had to dig out all the info and pics before I could really do this post justice.  Sorry for the delay.  Prior to going to India we both had mentioned to both of the Docs that we would like to have some sort of traditional Indian blessing for our baby.  We never really talked about it again and thought that maybe it had slipped their minds, since they were so busy.  So we just left it at that.

Much to our surprise, while in Mumbai, around a week after Blaze's birth, the Docs and members of the SI team, surprised the 3 of us with an authentic Indian Naming Ceremony and Celebration. It was truly a day of celebration all around. Not only was it Blaze's naming ceremony, but also the grand opening of SI's newly acquired extended office right next door to their present office.

SI's very first surrogate (Nagma) to deliver for an international IP (who also was KT's care taker) was there, and funny enough it was her birthday as well.  The entire team including our fantastic Docs, were all dressed up in different forms of beautiful Indian dress and there were decorations galore throughout the office.

Even the driver Agit, and our amazing Amit (our travel guy) were there.

Gerry and I were both so overwhelmed with their incredible kindness, it brought tears to our eyes.  The naming of a newborn is a very auspicious happening in the Indian culture.  It is said that the name is a lifetime thing and hence there is much excitement and showering of blessings on the baby.   Immediately as we arrived, everyone welcomed us at the door of the office with hugs and each of  us received a 'Tika' (ceremonies of the Hindus begins with a Tika topped with a few grains of rice placed on this spot with the index finger or the thumb) on our foreheads, even Blaze received one.

As we sat on the couch, we each were presented with gifts.  I had flowers placed in my hair and as the mother, I was also presented with gifts placed into a scarf laid across my legs of rice, coconut and henna.

Each had a particular meaning (figures I can't remember them).  We opened our gifts and to our amazement we were each given a traditional Indian top.


Can you believe it, they actually were able to find one that fit Gerry's broad shoulders, and we laughed at the size, XXXXXL!

We all changed into our new tops immediately and started the celebration.

In the center of the room there was a small cradle that was decorated with colorful flowers, ribbons and balloons.

All of the married women gathered around the cradle and Blaze was passed around as each of them said a male Indian name.

The last person to say a name, that is the name that is chosen and it is whispered in his ear by the Aunt (that was Gopa) and then it is said aloud for all to hear.

Blaze was then placed in the cradle by his Mother.

His Indian name is Siddhartha (pronounced Sid-art) and was Buddha's original name.  So now Blaze has 2 names and also a nickname. When we speak to the Docs they always refer to him as Sid.

The celebration continued with food (Nagma made a huge pot of the best biryani that we have ever had, YUMMY!!) and lots fun and conversation the rest of the afternoon.

We even got some henna (Mendhi) done.  Gopa tried for the first time doing it...I think she did a great job!

Even Gerry got into the action.

Then one of the surrogates came in and designed a full blown professional henna tattoo for me.  What an honor it was.

Even the sisters from next door taking care of the surrogates came by to see Blaze.

It was amazing and so wonderful in every aspect. What an honor to have everyone do this for us and our little angel.  At the end of a very long day, the guest of honor was a little tuckered out...

While in India, we looked all over for the 'perfect' little Buddha to put in Blaze's nursery, but ran out of time.  Once home I found this one:

Now its not totally authentic, but it certainly matches the colors of his room.

We chatted with the Docs last night.  They are both missing their Godson Blaze very much, but their office is showered with photos of him everywhere so he is never far from their thoughts.  We can't wait till they can come visit the U.S and see the 3 of us.  Hopefully it won't be too long!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun with Family

Well it has been a long, but much too short week.  My big sister Tracy, and her 2 teenage girls (my lovely nieces Micaela and Megan) left Saturday.  We had a full week of visiting, fun, sightseeing and relaxation.  They loved Blaze and he loved them too!

It felt great to have Blaze's first family visitors too.  Grandma and Papa come in just 2 short weeks, we are SOOOOO excited!.  Grandma is chomping at the bit to see her latest Grand Baby.  She made sure to tell my sister to be sure to save some hugs and kisses for her too.

We spent the week having fun in our backyard enjoying the beautiful Arizona fall weather sunbathing and swimming, doing lots of shopping, and some sightseeing which included a big trip north to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Enjoying the pool


Grand Canyon

Blaze was so good, Gerry carried him in our trusty sling and most people didn't even know we had a baby with us.  He has done more traveling in his 6 weeks of life then most adults do in a lifetime.  It is mostly due to the fact that he really is a joy to be around.  He is so amazing and such a great baby.  He is SO good.  He just stares up at us like we are his entire world.  I wonder if he knows how much we adore him.  Blaze has starting sleeping sometimes up to 5-6 hours at night and his 'fussy times are very few and far between.  He loves to be sung to, and is enjoying the cooler weather now for walks in his stroller.  He doesn't like to get out of the water once he is in it, whether it be the bath, shower or pool and he sure lets us know it. 

My sister even treated us to a homemade Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins, since it was their Thanksgiving this past weekend.  They even brought lots of Canadian baby stuff for our soon to be dual citizen.

Gerry got the most thoughtful gift this past week from one of his co-workers at the Fire Station.  She had ordered it especially for Blaze and it was so perfect for his proud Daddy. (FF=Fire Fighter)