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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beat, Beat, Beat.... That's The Sound of Life

We were anxiously awaiting our next ultrasound, which was scheduled for February 3rd according to our personalized itinerary. February 3rd in Mumbai would actually be the evening of February 2nd here in Arizona, WOW! where did the time go? It's here already! This was an important test. It had been on both our minds from the very first day we learned that we were pregnant, but being a positive guy, I didn't really put any thought into the fact that we may receive bad news.

I was 100% certain that everything was alright and I went about doing things around the house to keep busy, while we waited to hear from the docs. Rhonda and I decided to go on the internet to check out our fellow bloggers and as we were looking and reading, up popped a message on Skype from Dr. Sudhir. He was letting us know that our amazing surrogate KT had arrived at the clinic and was with Dr.Yash, and she would be going to get the ultrasound done very soon. Dr. Sudhir said how beautiful KT looked and how wonderful her husband was and what great care he was taking of her. This was all so exciting. Rhonda and I had been to the clinic and more specifically, Rhonda had an ultrasound done in the doctor's office downstairs by Dr.Yash on our last trip. In our minds we were able to picture what it looked like and we also were even able to see the doctor as we had the pleasure of meeting him as well. Here is a picture of Rhonda at the clinic (just insert KT instead of her).

Rhonda and Dr.Sudhir talked back and forth and I asked him to be our ears and listen to the heart beat for us. At one time he wished us luck that everything would go well. What? Luck, you mean there is a chance that there could be something wrong? Rhonda was so excited and ran off to the shower. I then got on the computer and talked with Dr.Sudhir as I waited anxiously for the results. Why was it taking so long? Was something wrong? Minutes seemed like hours! Still no results. I continued to wait patiently. Dr.Sudhir then said that it could take some time, so Rhonda and I should both go and get some sleep since it was very late, and he would call when he had the results. Sure, easy to say, how could I sleep? I was a nervous wreck!

Rhonda on the other hand was calm. So we tried to sleep as best we could, which in reality, I just laid there hoping and praying that everything would be alright. After an hour or so, the phone rang. This was it, would our journey continue, or would it come to an abrupt end?

Rhonda answered the phone and Dr.Sudhir gave her the results. She put it on speaker phone and told him to repeat what he said. "A single live fetus is noted in well defined gestation sac with good fetal cardiac activity." Fantastic news, we reached another milestone!

We could finally sleep...ya right! Now we were way too pumped to sleep. We both laid there in each others arms talking of our dreams coming true and how very elated we were, was this really happening? We were having a baby!

Here is our little one's first photo (it's kinda hard to see) he/she is there with their little heart beating away. We created a life...AMAZING!

On to our first trimester mark...March 10th!