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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun with Family

Well it has been a long, but much too short week.  My big sister Tracy, and her 2 teenage girls (my lovely nieces Micaela and Megan) left Saturday.  We had a full week of visiting, fun, sightseeing and relaxation.  They loved Blaze and he loved them too!

It felt great to have Blaze's first family visitors too.  Grandma and Papa come in just 2 short weeks, we are SOOOOO excited!.  Grandma is chomping at the bit to see her latest Grand Baby.  She made sure to tell my sister to be sure to save some hugs and kisses for her too.

We spent the week having fun in our backyard enjoying the beautiful Arizona fall weather sunbathing and swimming, doing lots of shopping, and some sightseeing which included a big trip north to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Enjoying the pool


Grand Canyon

Blaze was so good, Gerry carried him in our trusty sling and most people didn't even know we had a baby with us.  He has done more traveling in his 6 weeks of life then most adults do in a lifetime.  It is mostly due to the fact that he really is a joy to be around.  He is so amazing and such a great baby.  He is SO good.  He just stares up at us like we are his entire world.  I wonder if he knows how much we adore him.  Blaze has starting sleeping sometimes up to 5-6 hours at night and his 'fussy times are very few and far between.  He loves to be sung to, and is enjoying the cooler weather now for walks in his stroller.  He doesn't like to get out of the water once he is in it, whether it be the bath, shower or pool and he sure lets us know it. 

My sister even treated us to a homemade Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins, since it was their Thanksgiving this past weekend.  They even brought lots of Canadian baby stuff for our soon to be dual citizen.

Gerry got the most thoughtful gift this past week from one of his co-workers at the Fire Station.  She had ordered it especially for Blaze and it was so perfect for his proud Daddy. (FF=Fire Fighter)