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Monday, January 12, 2009

No news is good news, ...Right?

As I look back at all that Rhonda and I have been through during our journey to having a child, I honestly would not change a thing. We have been there together, side by side, throughout the many highs and the lows. Sharing the laughter with each other during the happy times and shedding many tears and being a shoulder to lean on during the sad times. We never chose to suffer from infertility issues, but thankfully we have each other and we will not give up on our dream of having our child, no matter what happens. We are anxiously awaiting our results, as I am sure that others are as well, who have been following our blog and leaving very inspirational comments, thank you so much. We should be hearing in the next couple of days, the blood work had to be sent out to a lab to be checked and there are a few other couples with Surrogacy India who are waiting for results also.

Today though we did receive great news from Dr. Sudhir, our 2 parcels that were MIA finally arrived, YAY!!! I can't believe that it took 15 days to go from the US to India and then 15 more days to be delivered. I guess the main thing is that they arrived!! Getting gifts after Christmas is always a good thing, right?

I really love this picture of Rhonda, I took it on Saturday while we were out enjoying the beautiful winter weather (75 degrees and sunny!) outdoors around the house. The top she is wearing was actually supposed to be mine, Dr.Sudhir picked it up for me on our first trip to Mumbai. No such luck on me being able to wear it. For those of you that have been to India there wasn't many 6 foot, 230 pound guys that we saw, so their largest size is a medium. It does look great on her, so I guess it worked out in the end.

Well that's the latest. I will be at the fire house tomorrow which helps to take my mind off of the waiting, who am I kidding, nothing can take your mind of the waiting!!

As soon as we know anything, we will be sure to let you all know.