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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Great Medicine in a Foreign Land

Being a nurse, my expectations are probably higher then most when dealing with the medical community, but as with everything, from the beginning of our journey we went into it with an open mind. We were pleasantly surprised and even a little amazed at the professionalism and competence of all the medical teams while in Mumbai. For starters being the good Canadian I am (on a side note I go for my U.S citizenship on May 6th) I have very deep veins and I am a very hard stick, so most always I am stuck for a blood draw numerous times in one sitting. While in Mumbai, I had my blood drawn on 3 separate occasions by 3 different individuals each time they hit my veins immediately. Second, I have had numerous abdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds since the entire process began each time I end up laying on the table for long periods of time while they try to find my 2 of everything, sometimes resulting in incomplete or inaccurate results. With each ultrasound in India, the Docs had no trouble finding everything x2 quickly and accurately. Needless to say we were both very impressed and relieved. After much discussion with the Docs we discovered that in Mumbai with a population of close to 20 million the sheer number of patients the medical community sees in one day greatly out numbers that in North America, so they really get a lot of experience (For example in India there is 1 birth every second). Coincidentally our Doc, Dr. Yashodhara and Dr. Soni once delivered 100 babies in 1 day. We had the grand tour at Hiranandani Hospital from Dr. Soni, OBGYN who will follow our surrogate Asha after confirmation of pregnancy and keep us updated with monthly reports and sonograms. We even got to peek in the window of the NICU where twins born a little early awaited their American parents to arrive. What a welcome and beautiful sight. Keep in mind, the buildings and facilities may not be flashy and brand new, but the care is superior and ultimately in the end isn't that what counts?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda and Gerry!!
By fluke I just found your blog. We just came back from India where we went to do IVF and surrogacy and I am so happy to have found someone else who has shared in a similar experience (same hospital etc). I too started to write a blog when I was there. I look forward to reading everything you have written. I am so happy that you have been successful in creating your family. All the best, Sandra